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kissmybagel's Journal

28 November 1984
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accents, adele, alanis morissette, alice pieszecki, amusement parks, amy poehler, antiques, art, avril lavigne, baby sea turtles, baking, beaver bunch, better than chocolate, big pillows, bound, bowling, bracelets, brittany murphy, but i'm a cheerleader, camping, charlize theron, cheesecake, christina ricci, cobra starship, coloring books, comments, computers, converse, cooking, csi, cuddling, death cab for cutie, disneyland, drawing, drive-in movies, eddie izzard, el cajon, ellen degeneres, eyeliner, family guy, ferris bueller's day off, food network, gay pride, girl scout cookies, girls, girls with accents, golden girls, goldfish crackers, goo goo dolls, graffiti, gwen stefani, hot hot heat, hugs, ice cream, idina menzel, imagine me & you, ingrid michaelson, jon&kate+8, juice, katherine moennig, katy perry, king of the hill, kisses, kt tunstall, le tigre, leisha hailey, lesbianism, lesbians, love, loving annabelle, madonna, maria mena, mary j blige, melanie lynskey, melissa etheridge, melody club, mia kirshner, mindless self indulgence, missy higgins, monster, movies, music, my chemical romance, myspace, mythbusters, natasha bedingfield, nina's heavenly delights, no doubt, no on prop 8, painting, papa roach, paramore, pat benatar, penguins, photo albums, photography, photoshop, pictures, piercings, pineapple, pink, playgrounds, post-its, rain, rainbows, rent, retro, rilo kiley, road trips, san diego, sex and the city, shoes, sia, sketching, slurpees, spice girls, stand-up comedy, sunrises, sunsets, swings, tattoos, tegan and sara, the beach, the bravery, the breakfast club, the killers, the l word, the sims 2, the ting tings, the white stripes, threadless, three's company, thrift stores, tibette, tina fey, tipping the velvet, to wong foo, torrid, tracie thoms, trains, trees, twix, uh huh her, vegetarianism, video games, vintage, will & grace, women, writing, ♀♀